English Teacher

We are looking for a new colleague to join our team. Click here to have a look at the opportunities we offer to our teachers.

What the position requires

  • experience in teaching English as a second language
  • creative thinking
  • time flexibility
  • people skills
  • reliable, responsible and easy-going nature
  • qualification as TEFL or CELTA is an advantage but is not required

What you will be doing

  • you will be teaching one-to-one English lessons, engaging in social gatherings, going for trips and family dinners with the students – all in your own language
  • your students will be of all ages and different levels so it is a challenging job but a very diverse and definitely a fun one
  • you will proofread documents, articles, features and website content
  • you can contribute with your own materials or articles

What we offer

  • part-time contract or freelance
  • fair remuneration based on your experience
  • blocks of lessons at one place – no more running around Prague wasting valuable time
  • as many or as few lessons as you want
  • one-to-one lessons or microgroups (2 students)
  • steady income – we apply 75% obligatory attendance on our courses to guarantee dependable income for our lecturers
  • 24hr late cancellation fee – because we value your time
  • guarantee of online lessons in case of another lockdown
  • fully equipped classrooms to serve as your base
  • weekly Skype grammar and methodology lectures with materials to help you tackle areas you are unsure about (the lectures are recorded and stored online)
  • on-line database of lesson plans, materials and textbooks to significantly cut down your preparation time
  • support of a Senior Teacher
  • super friendly and supportive management