About Summer Camp

The camp is intended for children from 7 to 14 years of age and the prerequisite is at least a basic knowledge of English. There is always a maximum 10 children at the camp, with two teachers supervising them. Individual approach is a priority for us and so groups with children at different levels and of different ages are not a problem in Extra Mile. We always adapt to each child so that the camp can give him or her the most. The camp runs from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm all summer. Have a look in our gallery.


Why to choose our Summer Camp

There is a choice of many summer camps in Říčany but our one offers what no one else can. We always have only a small group of children so we can give each child enough attention and care to guarantee the most intense contact with English.


Our program is creative, fresh and entertaining, but it is summer and children should have fun. We go on beautiful trips, which are always thematically related to the program of the day. We draw up a tailor-made program to each group according to the age, level of knowledge and diversity of the children participating in the particular week. Children do not have to worry that they cannot handle the demands that this intensive program brings – we adapt to children, not the other way around. Children learn vocab, grammar, idioms and the most widely used phrases while playing games, and use what they have learned in the conversation during the day.


We always select camp lecturers according to the set of children enrolled. But everyone has years of experience with teaching English as well as managing summer camps, whether they are native speakers or Czech lecturers. If more than 5 children participate in the camp, two lecturers take care of them to maintain an individual approach.