We are always looking for new colleagues to join our team whether it is in our hometown of Říčany for all the projects and lectures we organize or in Prague to teach business English in companies or even long-distance for Skype lessons. We like to maintain close and friendly relationship with our teachers and give them a helping hand whether it is with teaching, classroom management or transportation. We are here for you as much as for our students.

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English Teacher

Teaching in Říčany

Říčany is our beautiful hometown, just a 27minute train ride from Hlavní nádraží, where the opportunities for English teachers are endless. Students of all ages and levels come to our agency looking for courses with native English speakers to embrace speaking, listening and other skills as well as lessons to master English grammar. There are also weekly on-line lectures for teachers you can join to help you tackle teaching methodology and an on-line database of materials to help cut down your preparation time.

Teaching in Prague

Companies located in Prague are usually interested in business English but many of them want their employees to be able to use day-to-day English and reach Upper-Intermediate or Advanced level. These are usually group lessons but could be one-to-one in some cases. For teaching in companies we are looking for experienced and reliable teachers based in Prague or its surroundings. It is not necessary for the teacher to be a native speaker and a teaching certificate such as TEFL or CELTA is an advantage.

Teaching via Skype

The aim of our Skype lessons is to give our students the opportunity to practice English with a native speaker and to develop the ability to distinguish between accents and understand the language in any form. The Skype lessons add to the flexibility that on-line world brings, not only when it comes to materials and teaching methods, but it also help decrease the overall number of cancellations. The teachers we are looking for for Skype lessons must be nice, patient and talkative. They must be able to find balance between teacher talking time and student talking time to provide the most beneficial experience for the student.